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Prices are usually given in the form of an Estimate, unless a quotation is requested. This means the basis of the cost is derived from estimating how long the project is likely to take in hours or days multiplied by the hourly or day rate plus the cost of materials.


The time estimated will take into account the initial site visit, collection of, or arrangement for materials to be supplied, liaison with other sub-contractors and liaison with the client before and during the execution of the agreed works. As a result Julian Wright will always do his best to keep the project on schedule and within the estimated cost BUT due to the number of variables that lie outside of his control cannot guarantee to do so.


Estimates are dependent on ‘normal’ circumstances from information gathered from a site visit and the clients own opinions/observations, etc. If unforeseen issues or the unique nature of the site in question result in work taking longer than was estimated then Julian Wright reserves the right to charge for additional labour and materials as required. Customers will always be consulted before any additional work takes place, in the event they cannot be contacted work will recommence providing the additional cost will not exceed 15% to avoid causing inconvenient delays.


Material costs given are always an estimate and may include a 10% handling fee; availability issues or supplier variations may mean a higher price needs to be charged on actual execution. Where requested Julian Wright will provide a copy of receipts for all materials bought on behalf of the customer.


Fixed price quotations are available on request but will always be significantly higher than the estimate to take into account the potential for circumstances out of our control increasing the project cost.


Estimates or Quotes usually includes VAT on materials. VAT will NOT be added to the labour charge. Ownership of materials is retained by Julian Wright until full settlement of invoice.


Customers must make their requirements as clear as possible to Julian and any sub-contractors, who can only complete work to the customers satisfaction when they know all of the relevant information, ie Required finish, Chosen colour of paint, sealants or grout, Exact position of items that require permanent fixing.


Julian Wright and his associates reserves the right to request a deposit to cover the cost of materials bought on behalf of the customer at the start of work.


Julian and his associates also reserves the right to invoice at stages to limit exposure on larger projects for labour undertaken – any such payments will be offset against the final invoice. The cost of hiring any specialist equipment needed for the work undertaken will be forwarded to the client (cement mixer, core drill. Scaffolding,etc)  


All start times given are estimates. We stress that they are subject to proceeding jobs.

Outstanding balance is required within 7 days of final invoice. Interest at 5% APR over base rate may be charged for late payment from the invoice date. Please pay by cheque or BACS transfer – see invoice for account details.


Julian and his associates will always clear and tidy the work area on completion, however removal of any rubbish other than what can be disposed of in the standard refuse collection receptacle will incur additional charges. (As a trade organisation Julian is charged for rubbish disposal at the local recycling center).  

Cancellations within 24 hours of the estimated start time may incur a charge of either ₤25 or an amount equal to 5% of estimated project value. This excludes weekends. Monday cancellations must be communicated on Friday.


Julian makes every effort to carry out works safely but accidents can happen for which Julian holds a comprehensive Public & Employers Liability insurance with 'Simply Business' Policy Number GMTM437060XB.


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